Yoga in the Park with Silent Disco Headphones: The Perfect Social Distancing Solution

Your yoga class wants to meet but your indoor studio is too small for social distancing? We got ya covered!

Yoga in the park, silent disco style! It’s the perfect socially distanced solution!

Statistics show that fresh outdoor air is much better at stopping virus particles, – not to mention that it is far easier to social distance outdoors.

Besides, who doesn’t want to do yoga in the park?

But how will people hear your instructions and how do you charge admission when meeting out doors?

Silent Disco will allow you to meet silently in the park while being socially distanced. (And no more need to get permission from the park to use a PA or Loudspeakers. )

You can charge admission per headphone, and be fully battery powered. (No electrical outlet needed!)

As an additional benefit, you will gain new students because random visitors to the park will see you teaching and want to sign on!

Some will join you right away, while others will take your flyer with your schedule and contact info in order to catch you next time. (Note to self: Remember to bring fliers)

We’ll show you how it works below. Use our click-able table of contents for your reading convenience:

It’s Easy! We supply all you need!

We supply the wireless silent-disco headphones (fully disinfected) and the battery powered portable transmitters through our rental program.

We also supply a lapel mic that plugs into our portable transmitters so your class can hear you.

You supply your music using your cell phone, which connects to our transmitter via BlueTooth.

These transmitters are perfect for leading socially distanced yoga classes outdoors.

Silent disco? Why silent disco headphones instead of regular ones.

You connect your voice and music to our transmitter, which in turn, broadcasts to the wireless headphones worn by your students.

Silent disco headphones have a 300 meter range (328 yards) which allows your class to spread out more – social distance style!

They’re perfect for kickin’ some corona butt in the year of the pandemic!

Bluetooth headphones with their wimpy range of about 30 feet won’t work for this gig!

Your voice will reach your student’s ears directly through the headphones via the lapel mic connected to the transmitter we send. Your music is coming through the headphones too, and you can adjust the volume of each independently.

The headphones give you an easy way to charge admission when you are outdoors. Only those who pay admission will receive the headphones.

If you were simply using a PA or loudspeakers for your session, anybody could join in and they would not have to pay. With the headphones, you simply charge per headphone.

Boom! Who’s a money magnet? You are!

Headphones allow better focus and volume control!

Our over-the-ear headphones help your yoga class to focus because they block out ambient noises from crowds and traffic. No more distractions!

Each headphone has its own volume control, so your participants can adjust it to their own listening comfort.

Plot Twist! The headphones allow you to have multiple classes simultaneously in the same space!


These headphones are the three channel type with a channel switch for the user. This feature would only be used if you decide to have multiple classes being taught at the same time.

Can you imagine three different levels of yoga taught to an open-invitation outdoor audience? No more worrying about the advanced students being bored while the beginning students are being overwhelmed.

The teacher on channel one could be teaching at a beginner level, -channel two intermediate, and channel three would be advanced level.

Each teacher would have their own transmitter. (Each transmitter represents a channel) You could have up to three teachers or three classes being taught simultaneously in the same space.

Your participants would decide which teacher they want to follow with a flick of the channel switch.

When teaching only one class at a time, all students would stay on the same channel.

Wait! Are these Silent Disco Headphones fully disinfected and Covid 19 safe??

Yes. They’re disinfected AF!

We fully disinfect the headphones between each rental using products certified by the EPA as able to kill coronaviruses including Covid 19.

Shipping time also kills coronaviruses and it takes time for them to be shipped from our place to yours. Recent studies show that the viruses die off after 3-5 days from a hard surface and less than one day from a porous surface.

Depending on how far away from us you live, the shipping time alone will kill any coronavirus particles. We have your safety as #1!

You might want to have disinfectant wipes available on your end for your students, but we take care of the headphones.

What makes it all work? The magic of the portable silent disco transmitter

Our Silent Disco Transmitter is Wireless, battery powered, offers bluetooth connectivity and a lapel mic.
This portable silent disco transmitter works great for classes where the instructor needs to move around while using a microphone.

You can use an audio cable or Bluetooth to connect your music to the transmitter.

You probably don’t want to carry your phone around while teaching yoga. So instead of using the audio cable, we recommend using Bluetooth connectivity for your music.

With Bluetooth, you are not tied to your phone. But if you want to carry your phone around, you do have the option of using an audio-cable for your connection.

They hear you better! How the mic works.

As shown in the image above, the microphone is a wired lapel mic. The transmitter is a belt-pack. (It has a belt clip so you can wear it on your belt or fasten it to your pocket or waistline)

The transmitter has a mute button for the mic as well as a separate volume knob for the mic.

When you are not talking, you just tap the mute button to cut out any ambient noise. Then tap again when you need to be heard.

You would control your music volume using your phone.

Ready to get started? Prices and how to rent our headphones

The cost to rent our silent disco systems varies with the quantity of headphones you need. You can rent any exact quantity, but here is our price list for round numbers of headphones.

Steps to rent our silent disco headphone systems are right here.

If you already know what to do, just tell me how many headphones you need and I’ll get your order started!

A Social Distancing Block Party Using Disinfected Silent Disco Headphones

Trying to figure out a way to have a dance party while maintaining social distance guidelines? We have an answer.

The following photos show an entire apartment building enjoying a Silent Party with carefully disinfected wireless headphones while maintaining safe social distancing. After the photos, We will show you how you can do it too!

Social distanced neighbors enjoying a silent disco during covid 19
A Social Distancing Dance Party

Walls and ceilings don’t stop our wireless headphone technology which means you don’t have to be in the same apartment to still be in on the party!

Covid 19 silent headphones dance party with social distancing
Apartments all across the building can safely join in the dancing!

We thoroughly disinfect the headphones between each rental, so you don’t have to worry.

Joining in on the covid 19 social distancing silent headphone party.
Even if you party inside, the wireless music is not affected by windows, walls or ceilings.

Each lit up headphone is another person safely enjoying the social distanced silent party. This could be the coolest event of all Covid 19.

Social Distancing Block party made possible by silent disco headphones
Each of those spots of light are someone enjoying the silent disco party from the social distanced safety of their own homes.
Just a quick note about how we disinfect the headphones and then we will go through the steps of how you can plan a party like this for your own neighborhood.

We disinfect and clean the headphones before you rent them.

We only use wipes that are ETA approved for Coronaviruses and Covid-19.

Remember that the virus can only survive up to 2 or 3 days on hard surfaces, (and 24 hours on soft surfaces like cardboard) so as an additional safety measure, we box up your rentals 3 days before we ship them.

So even if our disinfectant team misses a strand of Coranavirus RNA somewhere, the 3 or more days in the shipping box will assure that our headphones are virus-free and safe for you to handle.

snow man with a mask
Even our mask wearing snow-person is keeping your safety in mind!

Steps to planning your own silent social distancing party.

  • 1) Map out which apartments or homes are within a 300 meter/328 yard radius or three football fields of your location. (Our transmitters will send the audio to a radius of 300 to 500 meters, but let’s err on the safe side. )
  • 2) Create a flyer with the time and date of the party asking them to RSVP with the number of headphones they need and their contact info. (If there is a fee for your party, include your Venmo or PayPal payment info. Include your email for them to RSVP to.)
  • 3) Leave the flyer note on their doors.
  • 4) Once they RSVP, contact me with the number of headphones you need to rent.
  • 5) Start creating your playlists. (This is assuming that you are the one supplying the music with phone/laptops/tablets etc)
  • 6) When your rentals arrive two days before your event, do a full soundcheck.
  • 7) The day of your event, use a separate bag for each apartment to deliver the headphones while maintaining safe social distancing. (Participants will put them back in that same bag for you to collect them again after the party.)
  • 8) Have an amazing time dancing the night away!
  • 9) Box up the headphones and use our pre-paid label to get free shipping back to us.
  • 10) Enjoy your new-found ‘Hero’ status as you humbly acknowledge all of the Thank-You’s from your neighbors saying what a fantastic time they all had!

Ready to rent?

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