Sacramento Comedy Club gets them Laughing Outdoors using disinfected silent disco headphones

During Covid-19 restrictions, Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club is killing it with outdoor shows by using silent disco headphones to deliver social distanced hilarity!

Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club is in the news using our headphones. The August 2020 news article is titled: Laughs Unlimited Celebrates 40 Years and Pivots to Entertain Under Covid-19

“The headphones provide a surround sound experience that creates the close intimacy of laughter in the group setting of a comedy show without the concerns of the general public hearing jokes they didn’t sign up for.”

Sacramento KFBK news

They call it “Inside Jokes – Outside Laughs.” Below is how it works:

Outdoor audiences find it easier to focus on the comedian and they can hear the jokes better.

The club started with 40 silent disco headphones with guests at tables on the sidewalk.

The show worked so well, that they went to 80 headphones in one week.

The city liked the silent comedy so well that they closed the street and invited the club to use the whole street!

The club charges admission on a per-headphone basis. Only the people wearing the headphones can hear the comedy.

The comedians are saying that the outdoor-silent-headphone-comedy works even better than comedy indoors because the headphones help audiences to pay attention.

The guests are less self-conscious and more focused while wearing the headphones and are therefore laughing harder.

They tell me that the audio going directly into their ears allows them to hear the jokes better, – even while they are laughing. This allows the comedians to build the jokes on top of each other faster and more effectively.

More laughter means more fun for both audiences and comedians!

An added benefit is for the guests that ‘don’t get it’ and then fall behind, -you know, -the ones who ask their friends for clarification and then miss the next joke? With the addition of the headphones, they don’t interrupt their friends as much and so both they and their friends are missing fewer jokes and laughing more often.

When guests do want to talk to each other, they simply remove the headphones, but because that takes effort, they do it less during the show. And if they do, it never disturbs the other guests.

Here is a YouTube interview showing the how well headphone comedy works for Laughs Unlimited.

Comedy outdoors using Silent Disco Headphones

The headphones eliminate all audio distractions.

The comedians love the headphones so much, they are actually contemplating continuing the use of the headphones indoors.

The neighbors love it because there are no loudspeakers. The only amplification is inside the headphones, so it makes a much more quieter gathering.

The headphones have a range of 300 meters, so there is plenty of social distancing available.

Because of the extended range of the headphones, there is plenty of room for audience growth as well.

If you would like to learn more about how Laughs Unlimited is using silent disco headphones to enhance their comedic programs, you can find them at

Need to accommodate larger audiences? How about adding a Big Screen or Jumbotron?

Inflatable flat screen creates a portable drive in theater while disinfected silent disco headphones provide the audio
Project your comedian’s image on the inflatable flat screen to transform your outdoors into a drive-in theater.

~Replace the drive-in movie with your live comedy show projected on the screen.

The screens are inflatable now which makes them extra portable!

For your sound system, use fully-disinfected-Covid-19-safe silent disco headphones. Comedy show admission is charged ‘by-the-headphone.’

We also have microphones and stage lighting available.

And of course, If you would like to increase your comedy business during Covid-19, We at are here for you.

Learn the steps to renting our disinfected silent disco headphones here.

A Social Distancing Block Party Using Disinfected Silent Disco Headphones

Trying to figure out a way to have a dance party while maintaining social distance guidelines? We have an answer.

The following photos show an entire apartment building enjoying a Silent Party with carefully disinfected wireless headphones while maintaining safe social distancing. After the photos, We will show you how you can do it too!

Social distanced neighbors enjoying a silent disco during covid 19
A Social Distancing Dance Party

Walls and ceilings don’t stop our wireless headphone technology which means you don’t have to be in the same apartment to still be in on the party!

Covid 19 silent headphones dance party with social distancing
Apartments all across the building can safely join in the dancing!

We thoroughly disinfect the headphones between each rental, so you don’t have to worry.

Joining in on the covid 19 social distancing silent headphone party.
Even if you party inside, the wireless music is not affected by windows, walls or ceilings.

Each lit up headphone is another person safely enjoying the social distanced silent party. This could be the coolest event of all Covid 19.

Social Distancing Block party made possible by silent disco headphones
Each of those spots of light are someone enjoying the silent disco party from the social distanced safety of their own homes.
Just a quick note about how we disinfect the headphones and then we will go through the steps of how you can plan a party like this for your own neighborhood.

We disinfect and clean the headphones before you rent them.

We only use wipes that are ETA approved for Coronaviruses and Covid-19.

Remember that the virus can only survive up to 2 or 3 days on hard surfaces, (and 24 hours on soft surfaces like cardboard) so as an additional safety measure, we box up your rentals 3 days before we ship them.

So even if our disinfectant team misses a strand of Coranavirus RNA somewhere, the 3 or more days in the shipping box will assure that our headphones are virus-free and safe for you to handle.

snow man with a mask
Even our mask wearing snow-person is keeping your safety in mind!

Steps to planning your own silent social distancing party.

  • 1) Map out which apartments or homes are within a 300 meter/328 yard radius or three football fields of your location. (Our transmitters will send the audio to a radius of 300 to 500 meters, but let’s err on the safe side. )
  • 2) Create a flyer with the time and date of the party asking them to RSVP with the number of headphones they need and their contact info. (If there is a fee for your party, include your Venmo or PayPal payment info. Include your email for them to RSVP to.)
  • 3) Leave the flyer note on their doors.
  • 4) Once they RSVP, contact me with the number of headphones you need to rent.
  • 5) Start creating your playlists. (This is assuming that you are the one supplying the music with phone/laptops/tablets etc)
  • 6) When your rentals arrive two days before your event, do a full soundcheck.
  • 7) The day of your event, use a separate bag for each apartment to deliver the headphones while maintaining safe social distancing. (Participants will put them back in that same bag for you to collect them again after the party.)
  • 8) Have an amazing time dancing the night away!
  • 9) Box up the headphones and use our pre-paid label to get free shipping back to us.
  • 10) Enjoy your new-found ‘Hero’ status as you humbly acknowledge all of the Thank-You’s from your neighbors saying what a fantastic time they all had!

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