Silent disco equipment setup

Plug-n-Play Technology:

Our silent disco equipment setup is plug-n-play simple. For this reason you won’t have to wait around for the DJ to play the songs you like because you can do it yourself! With our plug-n-play silent disco transmitters, you have direct control over the music.

Our devices work via simple plug-n-play technology that lets you turn your phone, tablet, laptop or MP3 player into the ultimate party mix. If that is not easy enough, you also have the option of connecting to our transmitters via Bluetooth, which then broadcast it through our FM transmitters to the specialty headphones.

How to set-up your silent disco equipment in two minutes!

Use your phone/tablet or laptop to stream your favorite playlist. No DJ needed.

The above video is how you would set up if you were streaming your own music without the help of a DJ. But if you do want to hire a DJ, share the video below with your DJ.

With our plug-n-play silent disco transmitters, you can broadcast on up to three different channels. Therefore, your guests can change which channel they are listening to at any given moment with a flick of a switch.

Setting up our silent disco equipment when you only have one DJ:

How to set up our silent disco system if you only have one DJ.

Some or our clients use up to three DJ’s (one for each transmitter) but it is still plug-n-play no matter how you do it.

All of our silent disco rentals are three channel systems. Whether you have a DJ or do it yourself, each of the three transmitters will represent one of the 3 music channels that your guests can choose from with a flick of the selector switch on the headphones they are wearing.

Dog showing silent disco equipment setup

Our Silent Party Headphones:

These are the exact headphones that you will be getting from us. They sound fantastic and are ready go, plug-n-play, right out of the box!

This video shows our headphones that we rent to you.

You can rent the exact number of headphones you need to get your party started, so you never have to worry about how many guests you can accommodate.

Our silent dance party headphone rental equipment is disinfected according to the EPA guidelines against Covid-19/SARS-CoV-2. We painstakingly wipe down each headphone after each rental with disinfectant wipes that are meet EPA criteria against coronaviruses. 

These are top-of-the-line colored-LED over-the-ear headphones. They change color according to the channel they are set to and the wearer can change their channel and/or volume at any time.

The video below shows our plug-n-play transmitters for DJ equipment and other non-Bluetooth devices:

There are no controls except on/off and channel selector. Plug in electricity and plug in audio and you are ready to go!

They are ready to go when they arrive at your house.

For your Silent Disco Equipment Setup, all you need to supply are three audio source devices.

Your rental includes all three transmitters. Along with those, if you need cords or adapters, we include them too.

You can use three cell phones or a combination of laptops, tablets, and cell phones to play the music.

Of course a professional DJ would use their controller or mixer as one of the devices supplying audio. 

A closer look at our transmitter that has a microphone and accepts audio via Bluetooth is below.

Check out our new portable battery powered transmitters that include a lapel mic with separate volume control! In addition to that, our transmitter that allows you to connect your audio device via Bluetooth.

=Again, we clean them with disinfectant wipes after each use=

We deliver the headphones to you fully charged. Accordingly, this means that they will operate for about 10 hours depending on how high the volume is. At a higher volume the headphones will lose their charge slightly faster.

With that in mind, the video below shows how to charge the headphones just in case you need to.

Operational tip for your silent disco equipment setup:

If you are using a phone, tablet or computer, remember that the output volume on your device affects the volume level in the headphones. Because of that, I recommend turning them up most of the way.

If you have the volume too low on your phone, tablet or computer, then your guests won’t be able to turn up their music loud enough in their headphones. In other words your source volume has to be high enough that the headphone wearers can turn their music up as high as they want.

Professional level audio mixer boards and dj controllers have higher output levels than the personal devices. But you still want to turn them up relatively high. However, If the sound starts to sound muffled or weird, you have turned it up too high.

The important thing to remember when you are setting the output volume on your audio devices (phone, laptop, controller etc.) is to listen while you do it. In conjunction with that, the silent disco headphones you are listening to should be no higher than mid-volume. You do it this way because, this gives your guests the ability to adjust their own headphones up quite a bit louder as the party heats up!

In conclusion, when you need a truly unique experience for your get-together that will leave your guests begging for more, get a silent dance party headphone rental from Silent Disco Rental.

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