Silent Disco Rental is your premier destination for rentable multichannel headphones that instantly turn any space into a dance party without disturbing your neighbors!

Backyard partiers dancing to with silent disco headphones

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Home for your all of your silent disco headphone rental needs

We offer true plug-n-play technology so you don’t need a DJ to get the party going! Therefore simply connect the audio from your smartphone/tablet or laptop to our transmitters with the supplied aux chord or Bluetooth. Once you’ve done that, start playing your favorite music through Spotify or Apple Music, etc.

If you do hire a pro DJ, it is plug-n-play for them too!

Our transmitters will broadcast wirelessly to as many headphones as you want to rent!

We have the latest battery-powered fully-portable transmitters with a mic option! You can host your own silent party outdoors where there are no electrical outlets. Subsequently you will be able to have your event on the beach, in the park or anywhere you need to be completely wireless without electricity sources!

Benefit from our inventory of 5000 headphones for rent and brand new equipment for sale that varies with demand. Above all, we have headphones for you! Surely, silent disco mania is taking the world by storm with it’s many applications and their ease of use.

We are here to help fulfill your rental needs with compassion, empathy and value.

Join our extensive list of satisfied clients which include Disney, Google, Grownish and many more. Additionally, We have worked with many of the Universities, Churches, Camps and Event planners all over the US.

Whether it be a wedding or special family event, we respond quickly and personally to your needs. Because of our family owned and personal approach we can add customized touches just for you.

We can ship to anywhere in the 48 Continental states of the US. In addition to that, shipping is free both ways and all three transmitters are included with your quoted rental price.

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