“Silent Disco was the hit of our party!”

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The Silent Disco was great and was the hit of the party! The DJ executed silent disco very well and had very positive comments about the experience.

The DJ said in his 20 years of experience, he had not seen such a high level and cosistent amount of audience participation until Silent Disco. It was very easy for me to create some custom playlists for the other channel as well.

If i ever have a need to run a silent disco in the future, ill be sure to use you moving forward…

These were awesome!!! No doubt about it, the Silent Disco was THE hit of our after prom. It was tons of fun for the kids and hilarious entertainment for the chaperones 😉
Thank you!!

Hi –
The party went super well! The headphones were super easy to use and we had no issues with them! Everyone loved them, especially the younger kids. They are in the mail on their way back.

Thanks Again,
Kara Kneafsey

Hi Johnny!
My family LOVED it!!!! That’s all they could talk about was the party. It was interesting because the older family members didn’t quite understand the fun in it when I described it to them. Once they got the headphones on, they had way more fun than the younger folks. It was hilarious! Needless to say, this definitely got the stamp of approval. They are looking forward to hosting another one! We will be back to work with you for sure! Thank you for everything!!!!

My family LOVED IT!!!

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The Silent Dico was very successful!! Thanks for all your help making it happen! I will be dropping of fthe package for return tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks, again!
Lily Gottlieb

Hi Johnny!

It was epic. I cannot tell you how much fun we had and how great the silent disco worked out. I am going to cry when I mail them back to you. I want to keep them. But alas, they are all boxed up and I just need to tape and take them to the fed ex store.

I seriously can’t tell you what a happy customer I am. We didn’t have one problem with any of the equipment and the quality was fantastic. I have thrown A LOT of parties, and this by far was the most fun we’ve ever had. AND no police came to quiet us down. That is a miracle. One of the funniest parts of the evening was looking over and seeing the entire catering staff lines up laughing and taking videos of all of us dancing fools.

You will be getting lots of calls from Orange County if how many people asked for your name is any indication.

Thanks so much for all of your help and great service making this happen.


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Sweet System

“Thanks Johnny! The silent disco was a huge hit. Appreciate your assistance – you were great to work with!”
~Iana Tassada


Thanks for the follow up – we used it tonight, and the kids LOVED it. Easy to set up, you gave all the instructions we needed, and had plenty of cables. All the units we used had plenty of charge. Great stuff. Will be shipping them back ASAP.

Thanks again – pleasure working with you.

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After wedding silent disco party

Silent Disco Rental was The Hit of the night
“Johnny, thank you so much for everything again. The silent disco was the biggest HIT of the night, it was incredible!”

Silent Disco Wedding after party

“Johnny, thank you so much. Again, it was such a blast and such a unique after party that no one has stopped talking about it it was an incredible experience and we are making sure that everyone knows we got the headphones from you and that you were such a pleasure to work with.”

Silent Disco for kids

Hi, Johnny. I would say it was a huge success. The feedback I am getting from both kids and parents is they loved the silent disco! Thank you for suggesting it and for doing an amazing job (as usual). Maria

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Hey Johnny,

It went so well! The idea was a hit, we used all of our headphones and attendees want us to do more Silent Disco events in the future. We packed up all of the headphones and sent them out through FedEx yesterday so they should be arriving to you soon.

Thanks again

During our recent Youth Entrepreneurship Summit over 400 students took short segments away from the conference to relax. Silent Disco is the perfect millennial way to stretch your legs. Silent Disco was a big hit and we will be sure to include it for conferences we have in the future.

University of Delaware, Diamond Challenge Team
Newark, Delaware

I love to DJ for Silent Disco Parties!
We ROCKED the House!

750 headphones from www.silent-disco-rental.com at the Camp Greensky Music Festival.
Rave Party with Silent Disco

Brett Danke
10:42 PM (5 minutes ago)
to me
All went very well. The equipment was easy to set up and everything worked very well. It was fun having up to 3 channels and the different colors to know who was dancing to what. A fun time! Thanks for answering all my questions.
Thanks again!