Renting our Disinfected Party Headphones

Steps to Renting your Silent Disco Equipment

1) Email me with the number of headphones that you want at [email protected]

2) I reply with a contact form for you to fill out for your event.

3) Sign and return the rental agreement that I have filled with your information.

4) Pay the invoice that I send via email. (Credit cards, PayPal, etc).
Find our prices here.

5) I will ship you the rentals which arrive two days before your party disinfected, cleaned, fully charged and tested. (Shipping is free both ways in the continental US.)

6) You put on an AMAZING party!

7) Use the prepaid return labels (which are directly beneath the original labels in the same pouch) to ship them back to me.

8) I return your security in full the day after your rentals come home (assuming there is no loss).

9) You contact me for your next party because you had so much fun!

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Ready to rent your headphones?

Start here by emailing me with your exact number of headphones needed in order for me to give you your exact quote.

You can also call or text me with questions at

Headphones are disinfected for each rental and shipping is free
(both ways) to any location in the continental US.

To give you an idea of shipping time, we use ground shipping from our address below:

1124 Ivon Ave
Endicott, NY 13760

Shipping time to the East Coast is 1 to 2 days. Shipping to the Midwest, is 3 days. Shipping to the West Coast is 4 to 5 days.

What should I do while I am waiting for the headphone rentals to arrive?

– If you are using your own playlists, this is the time to make sure all of your favorite songs are lined up and ready to go.

– Remember that you can only stream one device from one streaming account, so you will need either the family plan or multiple streaming accounts. Now is the time to set that up.

– Make sure the devices you are going to use to play the music are fully operational.

– If you are using a DJ or DJs, make sure you have a playlist for them.

– If you are using a DJ or DJs, make sure they know what they are plugging into. (If they are using a mixer or DJ controller, they need an RCA master out or RCA tape out) If they have any questions, have them call me at 607-427-6659.

What should I do after the headphones arrive two days before the party?

– You need to do a complete sound check.

How do I do a soundcheck for my upcoming silent disco?

– Plug everything in exactly like you would at the party.

– If you have hired a DJ, get the equipment to them so that they can plug everything in exactly like you would at the party.

– While listening to the silent disco headphones, turn the headphone volume down halfway. Now set each of your audio devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, whatever you are using to play the music) to a volume level that seems plenty loud in your headphones. Because your headphone volume is still only at halfway, this means your guests can still turn up a lot louder. This way your guests won’t complain that the music is too quiet.

– While still listening to the silent disco headphones, have all three audio devices playing music from your playlists. Now switch the from one channel to the next. If any channel volume is higher or lower than the next, adjust the the output volume on the audio devices to make the music in all three channels the same volume.

That’s it! Nothing left to do but have the silent party event of your life!

Ready to get your rental started?

Start here.

Or you can also call or text me with questions.

Yes, we disinfect the headphones between each rental. Remember that shipping is free to anywhere in the 48 continental states.

We use ground shipping from the following address:
1124 Ivon Ave
Endicott, NY 13760