Silent Disco Rental Cost

Price per unit depends on quantity.
Price per unit goes down as the quantity rented goes up.

Shipping both ways and all three transmitters are always included.*

Silent disco rental prices for 2022: 
(scroll lower to see returnable security amount.)

Your cost for the rental of a 20 headphone silent disco system is $233.25
Rental of 30 = $278.75
Rental of 40 = $323.85
Rental of 50 = $368.35
Rental of 75 = $479.60
Rental of 100=$590.85
Rental of 150=$808.35
Rental of 200=$1025.85
Rental of 300=$1455.85
Rental of 500=$2305.85

You can rent an exact number. You don’t need to rent the round numbers above.

Our silent disco rental costs include an additional security amount during the rental.
Your security is returned to you as long as there are no loses.

In every case, ground shipping both ways and all three transmitters are included.
(Last minute orders may require express shipping which is an extra charge)

Use this chart to find your returnable security amount:

Rental of 1–10 headsets requires a security of $150.00.
11-25 headsets: $200.00 security.
26-35 headsets: $250.00 security.
36-50 headsets: $300.00 security.
51-100 headsets: $350.00 security.
101-200 headsets: $450.00 security.
201-300 headsets: $550.00 security.
301-400 headsets: $650.00 security.
401-500 headsets: $750.00 security.

Your security amount is returned to you upon safe return of your rental equipment.

Losses that will be deducted from your security are outlined below and on our rental agreement.

-Lost or broken headphones will deduct $45.00 per headphone from your security.
-Lost headphone ear pads will deduct $2.00 per pad from your security.
-Lost chargers will deduct $30.00 per charger from your security.
-Lost charger wire will deduct $10.00 per wire from your security.
-Lost transmitter boxes/cases will deduct $25.00 per loss from your security.
-Lost or broken transmitter will deduct $120.00 per transmitter from your security.
-Lost transmitter power cable will deduct $20.00 per cable from your security.
-Lost RCA cables will deduct $10.00 per cable from your security.
-Lost 3.5 mm to RCA cables will deduct $10.00 per cable from your security.
-Lost adapters (XLR to RCA or RCA to 1/4″) will deduct $10.00 per adapter from your security.

When you are ready to get started, please Email me with the exact number of headphones you want to rent.

Summary of how our fees work for your silent disco rental

1) Payment of both the rent and security need to be made up front before we can ship.

2) Round trip ground shipping to anywhere in the 48 continental states of the US is included in your rent. Express shipping, if needed, is an extra charge.

3) All three transmitters are included with your rental.

4) We require a security amount of money that we collect and hold until your rental comes home safely. (see chart for your amount).

5) We return your security as soon as your rentals arrive safely back home to us.
Damages and losses are deducted according to the chart above and Exhibit A on the rental agreement.

For preferred payment of the silent disco rental costs: 
We accept all major credit cards,
Paper checks,
Square payments,

We use PayPal as a third party processor to process credit cards, so you can pay online and keep your credit card information safe.  (You don’t have to have a PayPal account when you pay with your credit card.)

With Corporate clients and public institutions we are able to work with Purchase Orders.

When you are ready to start your reservation please Email me with the exact number of headphones you want to rent.

One more cost that you can save:

You have the option of saving the cost of hiring a DJ when you rent our silent disco sound system:

One of the most expensive components of putting on a silent dance party is the price of hiring a DJ. But when you go through Silent Disco Rental, you don’t need to hire a DJ unless you want to. Our silent disco rental cost includes all three transmitters that use plug-n-play technology so you can control the music with your smartphone/tablet or laptop. Simply connect the device and fire up Spotify, Apple Music or any other playlist to get the party started.

When you are ready to start your reservation, please Email me with the exact number of headphones you want to rent.

Learn the steps to renting here.

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