What is your cost for renting our Silent Disco equipment?

1) Pricing depends on quantity.

How much does it cost to rent headphones?
Examples of current pricing: 

Rental of 20 = $177.50
Rental of 30 = $222.50
Rental of 40 = $266.50
Rental of 50 = $309.00
Rental of 75 = $415.25
Rental of 100=$521.50
Rental of 150=$729.00
Rental of 200=$936.50
Rental of 300=$1344.00
Rental of 500=$2144.00

Get your exact quote by emailing me at [email protected]

2) Round trip shipping to anywhere in the continental USA is free with your rental fee.

3) We require a signed contract that we handle through email.

4)We require a security amount of money that we collect and hold until your rental comes home safely. (see chart below for amount).

Your security deposit is returned immediately when your rental equipment is returned without loss.

5)Once we have your signed agreement, rental fee and security amount, we deliver your rental equipment two days before your event.

Use this chart to find your security amount amount:

Rental of 5–35 headsets requires a $250 security amount.
36-100 Headsets requires a $350 security amount.
101-200 Headsets require a $450 security amount.
201-300 Headsets: -$550
301-400 Headsets: -$650
401-500 Headsets: -$750
501-600 Headsets: -$850
601 + Headsets: -$1,000

Your security amount is returned to you upon safe return of your rental equipment.

We FedEx the equipment to you and the equipment arrives at least two days before your party at the location you give. A day after your party, FedEx picks them up at the location you give. (or you can take them to a FedEx place yourself) You just pack them up in the box they came in. We supply you with the return label.

For payment, PayPal is our favorite, but we accept personal checks and credit cards through (You don’t have to have a paypal account in order for this to work). Personal checks must be received two weeks in advance of the event to make sure they clear.

We also accept Venmo, Zelle, Stripe,, Paper checks and the Cash App

Check our availability or get answers to your questions by emailing [email protected]: