Headphone party testimonials

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Headset rental review

“Silent Disco was the hit of our party!”

Johnny was AWESOME!
He was so helpful in the process of ordering the headphones, tracking them, and getting them set up once the party day arrived. But we really didn’t even need help setting up, that’s how EASY his equipment is to use! And everyone had the best time.

Multiple people at the party were asking me where to rent them so they could have a silent disco at their next party. I had people there aged 7 years old to 87 years old and every single person enjoyed themselves and the music. And the best part was that I was never worried about a noise complaint, because it’s SILENT. 🙂

I Highly recommend Johnny. He’s by far the most reasonable price-wise, he’s super hands on and helpful if you need him, and it Silent Disco aspect made it my best birthday party yet. 10/10.”

Devon Davies:-)

Below is a headphone party testimonial that was left as a voicemail!

Extremely pleased client voicemail above: Just click the ‘play’ button

Hi Johnny! 
Yay! Thank you! I saw the refunded deposit, too. I really appreciate how organized and easy everything was! 

The party was so fun, too! It’s funny…I made signs with little reminders about rules for the headphones, where to find drinks, etc. I mostly did it so I wouldn’t constantly repeat myself, but I discovered I needed those signs bc nobody could hear me, haha! They could ask questions, but not hear my answers…

After the dance party, my daughter had some friends spend the night. It was so cute… they asked me to put on Bob Ross as they were winding down and then they asked for classical and sleep sounds on the channels. They were all snuggled up for a little chill sesh.
Absolute magic. 

I’m sending a few pics… they’re not great, but I just thought you should see the joy you send out into the world. 

Thanks again for everything! 

Kids enjoying silent disco
The perfect “silent” birthday party for kids! Quiet indoors and the neighbors love you for it too!

Testimonial from Anniversary Couple dancing with silent disco headphones
Silent Disco can make the perfect romantically silent anniversary party!

Thank you note from silent disco client

The Silent Disco was great and was the hit of the party! The DJ executed silent disco very well and had very positive comments about the experience.

The DJ said in his 20 years of experience, he had not seen such a high level and consistent amount of audience participation until Silent Disco.

It was very easy for me to create some custom playlists for the other channel as well.

If i ever have a need to run a silent disco in the future, I’ll be sure to use you moving forward…

Headphone party testimonial
Thanks again, Aida! ~Johnny

Hi Jonathan (Johnny with silent-disco-rental.com)

I am super impressed with your company! Our family LOVED the silent disco party at our reunion gathering. Most had never done this before, but from first moment of putting on the headphones, everyone was hooked on the fun. Everyone danced and sang for a good 4+ hours inside, outside…it was a blast.
Thanks for your prompt shipping, easy set up, good suggestions, easy return process, and prompt security deposit refund.
We will highly recommend you to others in search of the best party ever.

Barbara and Michael Roberts

We get headphone party testimonials from all types of events. For example: Camps, churches, colleges, universities, family gatherings, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, movie nights and many more!

Testimonial note
We provide headphones to dozens of camps during the summer season!

Screen capture of headphone party testimonial

These were awesome!!! No doubt about it, the Silent Disco was THE hit of our after prom. It was tons of fun for the kids and hilarious entertainment for the chaperones 😉
Thank you!!

group wearing silent disco headphones and holding light sticks

Johnny!!! Perfect night!! The headphones were a huge hit with these kids. I thank you so much and my daughter said it was the best party ever!!

Hi –
The party went super well! The headphones were super easy to use and we had no issues with them! Everyone loved them, especially the younger kids. They are in the mail on their way back.

Thanks Again,
Kara Kneafsey

Headphone party testimonials

Honestly there’s nothing you could do to make it any better. You were the best price I found and included shipping which was amazing!

My students absolutely loved the silent disco and were begging to do it again. I will definitely be using you again and am telling everyone I know to have an event!

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you for my next one!


Headphone party testimonials

Hi Johnny!
My family LOVED it!!!! That’s all they could talk about was the party. It was interesting because the older family members didn’t quite understand the fun in it when I described it to them. Once they got the headphones on, they had way more fun than the younger folks. It was hilarious! Needless to say, this definitely got the stamp of approval. They are looking forward to hosting another one! We will be back to work with you for sure! Thank you for everything!!!!

Headphone party testimonials
My family LOVED IT!!!

Headphone party testimonials

The Silent Dico was very successful!! Thanks for all your help making it happen! I will be dropping of fthe package for return tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks, again!
Lily Gottlieb

Headphone party testimonials
We are so happy to hear from satisfied silent disco rental clients!

Hi Johnny!

It was epic. I cannot tell you how much fun we had and how great the silent disco worked out. I am going to cry when I mail them back to you. We want to keep them. But alas, they are all boxed up and I just need to tape and take them to the fed ex store.

I seriously can’t tell you what a happy customer I am. We didn’t have one problem with any of the equipment and the quality was fantastic!

I have thrown A LOT of parties, and this by far was the most fun we’ve ever had. AND no police came to quiet us down. That is a miracle. One of the funniest parts of the evening was looking over and seeing the entire catering staff lines up laughing and taking videos of all of us dancing fools.

You will be getting lots of calls from Orange County if how many people asked for your name is any indication.

Thanks so much for all of your help and great service making this happen.


Headphone party testimonials

Headphone party testimonials

“Thanks Johnny! The silent disco was a huge hit. Appreciate your assistance – you were great to work with!”
~Iana Tassada


Thanks for the follow up – we used it tonight, and the kids LOVED it. Easy to set up, you gave all the instructions we needed, and had plenty of cables. All the units we used had plenty of charge. Great stuff. Will be shipping them back ASAP.

Thanks again – pleasure working with you.

Testimonial Silent Disco
testimonial screenshot
Silent Disco Rental was The Hit of the night

“Johnny, thank you so much for everything again. The silent disco was the biggest HIT of the night, it was incredible!”

Silent Disco testimonial

“Johnny, thank you so much. Again, it was such a blast and such a unique after party that no one has stopped talking about it it was an incredible experience and we are making sure that everyone knows we got the headphones from you and that you were such a pleasure to work with.”

Thank you note

Hi, Johnny. I would say it was a huge success. The feedback I am getting from both kids and parents is they loved the silent disco! Thank you for suggesting it and for doing an amazing job (as usual). Maria

Silent Disco testimonial

Hey Johnny,

It went so well! The idea was a hit, we used all of our headphones and attendees want us to do more Silent Disco events in the future. We packed up all of the headphones and sent them out through FedEx yesterday so they should be arriving to you soon.

Thanks again

During our recent Youth Entrepreneurship Summit over 400 students took short segments away from the conference to relax. Silent Disco is the perfect millennial way to stretch your legs. Silent Disco was a big hit and we will be sure to include it for conferences we have in the future.

University of Delaware, Diamond Challenge Team
Newark, Delaware

Silent Disco DJ set-up

I love to DJ for Silent Disco Parties!

750 headphones from www.silent-disco-rental.com at the Camp Greensky Music Festival.

Silent disco light show
Rave Party with Silent Disco

Brett Danke
10:42 PM (5 minutes ago)
to me
All went very well. The equipment was easy to set up and everything worked very well. It was fun having up to 3 channels and the different colors to know who was dancing to what. A fun time! Thanks for answering all my questions.
Thanks again!



The silent disco was a huge hit, I made three playlists to suit different age ranges and everybody was on their feet before long. I enjoyed it immensely and it was as easy to set up as advertised. The sound quality was good, no static, and the range was impressive.

– Tony Pag

Hi Johnny,
First of all, I have to tell you that the headphones made for an epic celebration. Thank you! I have another friend’s birthday tomorrow and was thinking of surprising her with a headphone jam, depending on whether you have the availability to rent them to me for a couple more days

Group wearing silent disco headphones
Good morning DJ Johnny,
I dropped off the equipment for the disco at Fed Ex this morning. Thank you so much for the rental. My sisters bachelorette was a success and thanks to the disco they said it was the best party they had ever been to. I see our group using your rentals for our parties in the future. Thank you so much again!
-Sarah Hamilton

Hi Johnny!

Our event was elevated so much by the silent disco! We are so thankful that we got ahold of you and your team.
We are really looking forward to working with you again in the future— I will reach out when we plan our next event 🙂

Hi! The party was awesome- thank you! The headphones are already on their way back to you… Your instructions were very clear and it was easy. Thank you so much! Will definitely recommend you!

Thanks a ton, Johnny!

It was great (and super easy!) working with you and I hope to get a chance to use your services again in the future.


Thank you for great service and communication. My friends enjoyed the party so much they want me to do it again. We were outside in a big field so people were dancing while playing frisbee and soccer, kids were roaming around like wild animals with headsets, and moms of babies could blast their music without a care.

The silent disco was an absolute HIT! Everyone loved it. The client should have booked a larger quantity though. They had more people than expected, but everyone still had a blast! I only used the red and blue transmitters.

Thank you for everything! I just dropped the shipment at FedEx. Tracking number is 790839657027. Can’t wait to book with you again! You really made everything so easy! Until next time, my friend!


Hi DJ Johnny!!! The party was a success. Everybody loved it!!!! They loved it so much that my friends will be contacting you for their house warming party! 🙂 I gave you awesome recommendations.
Thank you for being so responsive. Equipment worked great!


A total privilege working with you, Thanks so much for being amazing!
Received your rentals back home today. They look great, thank you for your prompt return and for cleaning them up too,
Thanks again and hopefully we can do it again sometime?

Hello DJ Johnny!

The pleasure was mine! The entire party was such a hit and I will definitely do this again!!!! And I definitely will be contacting you again. I also gave your info to my friends, I really hope they contact you soon 🙂 it was soooo great working with you. I loved that you were super responsive and a lot of fun to communicate with! The equipment was clean and all set up. Thank you for making my evening the event of the year! Everyone loved it.

We will do this again sometime soon! 🙂

Hugs back 🙂

This whole process was super easy! Thanks for making it so stress-free. The headphones were a hit and probably the best part of our wedding!

Thanks again!!
Sheila and Terrell Woods

Hi Johnny, thank you so much! We had a blast. Warmly, Emily

Hey Johnny!

I just dropped the package off at FedEx.

We had a great time at Tanya’s birthday and the silent disco turned out amazing!!

A reminder that Christian added one of his headphones in our box. His is the one with the wire connected to it.

Please confirm when you receive the package.

Thank you!

Good morning, I just wanted to let you know that I have dropped the headphones off at FedEx and you should be receiving them back soon. I also want to say thank you for your business. I received them very fast and when I opened the box everything was organized and very simple. The kids really loved the party and the headphones were a hit!!! I look forward to booking with you again!!!

12:50 AM (9 hours ago)
to me
Our event was a huge success. Everyone loved the evening. Thanks so much for the rentals! Loved how easy it was and how everything arrived ready to go. I can’t wait to plan another event and will definitely contact you for rentals again!

It worked so easily and amazing and we had the best time. And everyone was like “I need to do this for my party” hahah, so I recommended you to them! You really can’t beat the price for how much fun that was!


I shipped back your equipment. Many thanks. Everything worked out great. Simple to install; great sound, lots of fun!


Nick Davila
Attachments8:57 PM (58 minutes ago)


Just dropped off your gear, here at Flagstaff FedEx. Receipt pic attached.

Everything worked flawlessly, zero issues.

And everyone loved it!

Kids thru adults dancing into the night, at the rim of the grand canyon, where amplified music is prohibited. Even guests who aren’t normally inclined to dance joined the fun. It was the perfect music solution for our outdoor reception.

Also, working with you on this has been one of the easiest and most rewarding aspects of our wedding planning. Your pricing transparency, logistics efficiency, hardware quality and customer service could not have been better.

We will think of you first when the next silent disco opportunity arises and highly recommend you to others.

Hey Johnny!

I’m glad to hear you received them well! Thanks again for an awesome party!! Everyone LOVED it! Everything worked perfectly and it was all so easy to use!

Thanks again and we’ll be keeping you in mind for our next silently awesome party.


Misha Bailey
1:30 PM (20 hours ago)
Hello! We had a GREAT wedding!!!!!! Still in the high. And we’re about to ship your box back with 57 headphones all packaged up perfectly! Should go in the mail today. Thank you!!!

Nicole Nettleton
1:48 PM (3 minutes ago)
to me
Johnny we had the BEST time with the silent disco at my diabetes’s party! Thank you so much! We will definitely be ordering from you again. I will get them in the mail today!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Leah Stein
10:44 PM (10 hours ago)
to me
We did the party tonight and it was AMAZING!! Thank you!!

Keith Plummer
6:59 PM (3 hours ago)
to me

Hello Johnny,

The Silent Disco was a HUGE hit at our event and your equipment was very accessible and easy to work with. Thank you for all your help and flexibility, it was a pleasure working with you ? Hope you have a lovely week.
Keith Plummer | Communications Associate
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Irene Rodriguez
Thu, Oct 18, 9:58 AM (1 day ago)
to me

Good morning,

I am so happy they arrived safe and sound. Thank you for an easy transaction and all of your directions were very clear and easy to follow. The students had a blast. They were not expecting the surprise of a silent party. I look forward to working with you again.

Jason Stawiski at BR via backroads.onmicrosoft.com
1:08 PM (12 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Johnny,

Wanted to let you know the headphones were shipped yesterday. They were such a blast! Everyone won’t stop talking about how amazing that party was!! Thanks for all your help with our event, I will recommend you to others who have been asking and will call on you in the future!


Jason Stawiski


Madison McIntosh
9:47 PM (57 minutes ago)
to me


On behalf of my whole team, we just wanted to say how much me thoroughly enjoyed the Silent Disco. What an absolute blast it was. We didn’t end up opening some of the boxes, but we had about 200 high school students and leaders who still haven’t stopped talking about it. Thank you again for working with us, sorry if our process was a little inconvenient at times. We will definitely recommend you to others!

Thanks again,

Marjan Phillips
Mon, Nov 12, 11:07 PM (2 days ago)
to me

Awesome!! Thank you so much! It was awesome!! The headphones were so easy to use and we had a blast!! Thanks!!

Hi Johnny,

The silent disco was great, thanks for providing such good materials. Everything was so easy and worked perfectly.

We dropped it off at FedEx yesterday so hopefully everything will be back with you in no time.


Ahlecs Lee
to me

Hello! Everything went perfectly! Thank you so much for your amazing business, it was a birthday party she will never forget! Everything was so easy to put together and use! I can’t wait for my parents Christmas eve party to party on again!

Kysha Watson7:09 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

DJ Johnny,
Thank you so much. The party was hit with the headphones. I will be doing more business with in the future. I also gave out your info to others inquiring about the headphones. I dropped the package off at fedex. Please let me know when you receive.
Thanks again.

vince donofrio12:22 PM (8 hours ago)
to me

Hi Johnny!  Had a great time with the headphones….just dropped them off at the local FedEx so they are headed back to you.  Pretty sure you will get some referral business as a result of our party.
Thanks again!!

Stephen HillFri, Jan 18, 6:28 PM (2 days ago)
to me

It went perfect. Our guests loved the disco. The equipment was flawless. I will certainly refer you to my friends as well. Thanks!!

Shanise Williams7:45 PM (17 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Johnny, 
Thank you so much. I really had a great time using the headphones. All but 5 were used so it was perfect. I gave my friends an experience of a lifetime. They had never been to a silent party so we all had a great time. You may be getting some calls from my friends in the future. 

~Ms. Shanise~

Carlos Aquino5:39 PM (2 hours ago)
to me

Yes! Everyone enjoyed the headphone system! You have a great quality system, sound quality was spectacular. I’ll be renting again from you in the future! Thanks Johnny!

Carlos Aquino

Kendra Robinson11:49 AM (7 minutes ago)
to me


Thank you again for your assistance throughout the whole process. I have received the security deposit.
Everything went well. My friend and family loved it!

The headsets had really good clarity and everything was user friendly. 

Friends were asking about the headsets for their parties. So, I’ll be sure to give them your info!
Kendra Robinson

Steiner, NoaMon, Jan 28, 11:42 PM (11 hours ago)
to me

Hi Johnny,

Just wanted to let you know that we shipped the box back today. The attached pdf has the shipping number for the box. 

By the way, our event was a hit thanks to your headphones! It was so easy to set up, and everyone had an amazing time.


Aliza Shapiro
7:41 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

Hi Johnny,

I wanted to let you know that the event went very smoothly– thank you so much for the communicative nature of your responses. I’ll be boxing the equipment up for a return send tomorrow morning.

Doswell, Cabell
8:24 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

..I’m glad you received your check!

The silent DJ was a HIT!!! About 300 students came at once – many have said it was the BEST night that they’ve had on campus! Thank you so much. I know that we will definitely use your system + headsets again in the future. It was all very easy to operate too.

The boxes are set to be mailed tomorrow! Thank you again!

Ogechi Anyatonwu
3:02 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me

Hi DJ Johnny!

Thanks again for the silent headphones – I really like working with your company the best.

Everyone had a great time at our brunch and I shipped the headphones, transmitters and cords back today via FEDEX.

Until next time!


Joshua Sepulveda
10:40 AM (4 hours ago)
to me


I have a couple youth pastor friends of mine that will be linking up with you!

Also, We are definitely doing this next year!!!

Thanks again!

Olunife Akinmolayan
12:06 PM (19 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Johnny,

I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for letting us use your equipment and I hope that they have been returned to you, The quality of the headphones were also great and easy to use. The University of Findlay thanks you and hopes we can do this again soon.


Awesome! Honestly thank you so much for ALL of your help and your service! You are truly the best!

A million thanks,

Just dropped the package at FedEx, thank you! The system worked great as usual. I have an idea for another event that I will be in touch about.


Hi Johnny,
It came out so good and the kids had so much fun. Next time I’ll do a silent disco (there’ll definitely be a second time) you’re my address.
Enjoy the rest of your week,

We had a blast!
I gave your information to more than a few of our guest.
I’m sure we will be reaching out to you again.


Branden Stathes6:33 PM (8 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Johnny,
The headsets were a HUGE hit! Thank you so much for getting them here and we will be getting them back to you shortly. (:

Malky Irons
to me

I already gave out your name! You were so fantastic to work with and the girls had the time of their lives.

It was just amazing!

Thank You!!!

Taylor ShipleySun, Mar 31, 11:49 PM (9 hours ago)
to me

I just wanted to let you know our event this weekend went so well. The silent disco on Friday was easily the biggest hit during our weekend long event. Thank you so much! 

Tatiana Lee1:28 PM (4 minutes ago)
to me

That is great! Yes everything went well. It was the best party we ever had. Thank you so much for being so patient with the process. Your check is in the mail.
Thank you again!

James McLeod2:20 PM (2 hours ago)
to me

The event was a hit!!

You’ll be getting calls from my colleagues soon. They want to do the same at their schools. I gave you about 4 referrals so far! All within my school district.

Great working with you!

James M.

MaryLiz Bender3:29 PM (20 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Johnny!
The headphones worked PERFECTLY! And the event was amazing, thank you so much!

Noah Ethan Stulberg via cpslo.onmicrosoft.com Tue, Apr 16, 11:01 PM (10 hours ago)
to me

Yeah the headphones were a hit! Everyone was impressed with how high quality they were. We will definitely be doing another silent disco at some point in the near future!
I will let you know when I drop off the headphones at the post office.
Noah Stulberg

Hi Johnny,

  I’m glad they made it back okay! Thanks so much for working with us through everything. Everyone had an amazing time and loved the headphones! Once I post pictures, I’ll tag you in them!

Have a great day!
Jenni J

Hi Johnny!

Thanks so much for renting us your headsets! The event was awesome and they worked really well! I couldn’t return them yesterday because the FedEx store closed too early and is closed today! I will ship them out first thing in the morning! Thanks so much.


Kathleen Scarrone

Hi Johnny:
The Silent Disco was by far the best party of the weekend!! Thank you SO much for everything and making the process so easy! 
I wanted to let you know I will be shipping all items back tomorrow. I apologize for the delay! 
I know we will absolutely be using your service again. It has become a necessity for all group parties 🙂 
Thanks again,


Jessica Carmen7:50 PM (25 minutes ago)
to me

Hi there,  Thank you so much for the use of the headphones, they worked out amazingly! Everyone said they had never had silent disco headphones that sounded so good or worked so well or lasted so long! They were amazing. We collected all but 3, so there are 95 on the way back to you. We just shipped them out. I’ve told all of them how to reach you so that when it comes time for there events they will get the best quality and customer service. Thank you again! We look forward to working with you again. Here is a picture of the shipping receipt. 

Jodi Leja4:46 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me

Oh my goodness they were so much fun!!  Great job!!  All the equipment was clean, instructions easy to follow, and everything was ready to go.

Hey Johnny,

Thanks for working with us on the headphones. The event went great, we received them in plenty of time and had no issues! Photo attached if you’d like to see the activation! I goofed and left them in the warehouse Monday after we unloaded (LONG WEEKEND, my apologies) but they should be headed back to you now!

Thanks again!

Nashville, Tennessee

Headphones being used for a listening party
High Quality For Discerning Listeners!


Thanks Johnny,
We loved using them and are really impressed with your systems and professionalism. You have converted me and we bought our own set, but I’ll always recommend you to others if they ask!
All the best,

Eli Dinamarca
to me

Thanks for letting us know! The kids had a blast!!! Total success 🙂 

Headphone party hand written thank you note
10 out of 10 on the fun-o-meter!

akgirl97@aol.com8:31 AM (3 hours ago)
to me

Package being picked up by FedEx today. Thanks so much. Equipment worked perfectly and everyone enjoyed them immensely!

Thanks! Melissa

Paul@tal-entproductions.com2:52 PM (2 hours ago)
to me

Thanks Johnny!

It was a pleasure working with you.  It’s nice to work with such a professional.  Everything so organized and labeled.  We will use you again.  The event was a hit!  Have a great week!

Hector Serna3:51 PM (57 minutes ago)
to me

Pleasure is mine, as always thank you for your assistance on making an AMAZING Silent Disco experience for my clients!


Ogechi Anyatonwu6:39 PM (1 minute ago)
to me

Hi Johnny!

Security deposit refund received – as always thank you so much for being a great supplier and easy to work with!

As always we had a great time – have a wonderful evening.


Until next time 


Grace Ng Rahmé8:06 AM (3 hours ago)
to me

Hi Johnny,
The headphones will be dropped off at FedEx today.  Everyone had a blast!  Thank you so much.  

Francis Ballesteros12:40 PM (4 hours ago)
to me

Thank you again Johnny! It was great working with you and everyone loved the silent disco at our wedding. I will definitely be recommending your service to all my friends 🙂
I will likely rent from you again for my birthday.

stevenpc349:25 AM (23 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Johnny,       Thank you, the silent disco was a huge success.   All my people are saying it was the party of the year.  I attached a clip you might like.

Thanks Johnny! The event was a hit! Thanks for being patient and flexible with us! And the great service!


Hi Johnny!

The headphone party went AMAZING. It was so easy to use and our students loved it!

I can send everything back with you today.


Tranae J. Robinson
Activities Manager
Language Travel , USA East Coast
EF Education First


[It was] Fantastic, we had a blast and hope we can work together again in the future! 

Rev. Corey Milliet

Director of Youth,  College-Age, and Young Adult Ministries
Associate Pastor 801 South

Matthews United Methodist Church

Hi Johnny,

Sending back the equipment tomorrow. It all worked perfectly and we had an awesome time, thanks so much!!


OMG… total SUCCESS!!!! I am trying to talk my hubby into buying a complete set to rent out down here!! If that doesn’t happen… this will not be the last time we rent from you. 

Shipped back today – thanks so much 🙂
Melissa Hacker

Thank you note from Another Satisfied headphone Client
Another Satisfied Client!

Thank you soo much! I’d definitely use you again! I love everything about it! Thank you soo much! 


Hi Johnny,
I just wanted to let you know that headphones are on their way back. They were a huge success!!

Thank you for all your help, and I will be sure to recommend you anytime I hear someone is looking to do Silent Disco.


Fantastic! The set up was super easy and everything ran smoothly.
Thanks again!
Julie Elizabeth Sokol

Thank you Johnny!
They were the hit of the wedding and everyone loved them.
I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone that is interested. 
Thanks again,

What an amazing time we had last night with your silent disco headsets set up! It was the talk of the party! Over 80 people enjoyed your system in my home!

I boxed them all up sealed the box and it is set to go back to you tomorrow.

BUT earlier I was showing my mother and father-in-law, who are turning 90 this month, how it works and they fell in love with it (Perry Como channel for them?).

We are having a family gathering this coming weekend and want to rent this system of 30 headsets. It would be silly for me to ship them back to you and then you ship them back to me. Can I go ahead and contract with you to have them for this coming Saturday? You already have my deposit that can carry onto this transaction. It would save on shipping and I know that we would already have them to set up for the 90th birthday celebration this Saturday. 

Also I haven’t done it yet but I will leave a huge glowing Google review!

Danene Rice

Hey Johnny!
It was a complete success.So many people’s first time and absolutely loved it!!
I LOVED IT! It was my third time and it was the best time!
… …
Thanks again,

The silent disco was a hit. The bride-to-be understood what was up right away and was super excited. Most of the other girls had never heard of it and thought it seemed odd, by the end of the night they were singing along to the songs and even the non-participants were amused at the bad karaoke. Gave your info out to a few girls and I think you’ll get an order for the Wilmington area soon. Thanks again for your support and willingness to work with small groups like ours. I’ll ship everything back from work on Monday. I hope to have occasion to use you again soon, (even if I am still sore from dancing so much last night)!

Aimee Fedoronko


It was Awesome! Thanks so much! Everyone keeps telling me how the silent disco was their favorite part of the night. Lots of first timers too! 
Thanks again, we will for sure use your service in the future. My brother wants to do it for his 50th in July. We will be in touch 🙂
Thanks again,

Johnny, The headphones were a hit at our party, so glad that we rented them from you!

Because I wasn’t in the office yesterday I will be getting the box of headphones to fedex today, just to let you know. 

Thanks so much, Claire 


Thank you so much! I am keeping your information for future reference and events. The silent headphones were a HIT for our family fun activity. We had ages from infants (who had face painting and moon-bounce) to teens. The silent headphones were PERFECT for them they felt exclusive and like they  had their own party going on. The parents loved it as well. 

Nikki Ham

Thank you, Johnny. We received the security deposit. Silent disco was such a huge hit and we are so thankful everything went so smoothly and seamlessly! It was very easy working with you and we’ll be sure to send our family and friends your way in the future!

Chris and Xela

Hi Johnny,
Thank you for returning the security. Your headphones were fantastic and made the event a delightful one. Thank you again, especially for helping me work through the shipping hiccups. I will definitely be recommending your headphones to others!

Again it was simple and fun!

Hey Johnny!

I’m glad the packages were returned safely!

Thank you so much again for all your help, our party was fantastic! The students loved the headphone experience.

Kaylee Scott
High School Ministry Coordinator
Creekside Christian Church

Hey Johnny,

The event went really well! The residents loved the Silent Disco—we’ll definitely be doing it again later in the semester, likely the last weekend in April.

I will be sending everything back tomorrow.
Thanks again!
Ryan Farrell
Resident Director – Litchfield Hall
Western CT State University

We had a great event! Thanks for everything. Your instructions were clear and easy.
I have already recommended you to several places as well that asked about it.
We dropped the boxes in the mail today and packed them the way you asked us to.
Thanks again!
Patrick Gillen
Director of Family Ministries
NextGen Pastor and Student Minister
First Baptist Simpsonville

They were awesome! The students loved them and they are so easy to use.
Thank you so much!!
Tanner Jackson
Youth Ministry
Thomas Road Baptist Church

It was great!
It was our second year and I just can’t believe how much the students love it.
Thank you so much for helping us out!

It was great! Everything worked perfectly, thanks again for your service and for allowing us to keep the equipment for the extra time. If you ever need a reference or anything, please let me know.

Tyler Jordan
Student Pastor
Connection Point Church

Hey Johnny!
… It was a huge hit man! The students absolutely loved it thank you so much for a great price. … I appreciate your offer before that was really kind of you.

Alex Cook
The Chapel in North Canton

Thank you for the confirmation! Everyone really enjoyed the quality of the headphones, too.It was a pleasure working with you!
Reesha Gandhi
Albert Dorman Honors College
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Thank you!!!
The disco was the best part of the party, as always.
Looking forward to using you again in the future! 
Thanks again,


Thank you! I love your professionalism and will be working with you again in the future!


Hi Johnny:
Thank you for the confirmation and quick return of deposit! As always, the service was seamless and the disco was the highlight of the weekend. I will be in touch soon for the next event 🙂 Hope you are doing well and remaining healthy!
Thanks again,


Hey Johnny, glad they came in so quickly. The silent disco was really cool everyone enjoyed it immensely, will definitely be using your services again in the future! 
Emily Carson

Hi Johnny!
We are forever grateful!!! The activity was a HIT…!!! The head phones worked perfectly and the kids enjoyed it immensely….!! 
I tried scheduling a Fedex pickup, but have not succeeded. I think it works with a username and password which were supposed to be created when the return labels were made. Would you be able to help us by sceduling the pickup? (preferably not Saturday, since we are observing the Sabbath)
Thanks loads….!!!!!

hand written thank you note for headphone party
Another raving review for www.silent-disco-rental service!
testimonial for headphone party
Headphone party testimonial

WOW! That was super cool! Everyone LOVED IT! I had mostly singer songwriters perform throughout the day. I just used a condenser mic and it sounded so clear and you could easily make out the lyrics. Then when we kicked it up a notch with Derick Howard, then John Welton and the Awakening at the end of the night. People used their headphones from across the 5 acre field and it sounded crystal clear. Anyway, thanks for everything and the equipment is on it’s way back to you.
~Spence Taylor

Hello DJ Johnny Only,
Once again your equipment made for a great silent disco and everything went smoothly!
I’ll be shipping the equipment back to you this afternoon.
Thanks again!


They worked awesome!!! I am taking the headphones to the FEDeX drop off here in about an hour.

For real they worked great!

You were a breeze to work with and your pricing rocked!

Thank you again for allowing us to utilize the headphones!

~Shawn Allee

Thanks so much for helping us have a great night! The students had a blast!! 
I just dropped off all the boxes at the shipping place and they should be headed your way shortly. 
Been a joy working with you man! Hopefully we can do it again in the future!! 

Jonathan Fleming

Thanks Johnny!
The silent Disco was a huge hit for our event and something we will definitely do again in the future. Thank you for great customer service and a fantastic experience. 
~Gayle Stephens


Thank you for the update and everything on you end. Makes for an easy set-up, event, and return. I am sure you will hear from us again at some point.

Have a good one.
Thomas Lail
Intramural Sports Coordinator
Barnes Center at the Arch – Recreation


… The silent disco was a blast and everything worked perfectly.  Everyone loved it – it really was so much fun. I have it all boxed up and it will be on its way back to you later today.  

Jacquelyn black

Thank you so much my event was a hit and the headphones were the talk of the night. I gave a few people your information so hopefully you will get some business from them. Have a good day!
-Brooke Bordeau


Thank you for the incredible service you do!
Our students had an awesome time and were so happy to dance!!
The headphones were shipped back yesterday.

Looking forward to doing business again on the future.
Ana Schwartz


You have been the best to work with!!
Thanks so much for your flexibility and assistance with everything !!
The rest of the world should make things as much fun and as easy as you do!
Hope we’ll get to work together again one day. 

All the best, 

Hey Johnny! 
Thanks again for everything, they were so easy to use and SO much fun. Everyone had a great time! Thanks for the note about the shipping label – dropping off at a FedEx after work and will send you the tracking number! 
All the best, 

Hey Johnny,
Thanks so much for the Silent Disco rentals.
Everything went off without a hitch.
Sounded great and the gear worked perfectly.

I’m sending the box off first thing in the morning so you should have it back in a few days.
Just wanted to say thank you for making it all so easy.
Will write a review if you need one. Just let me know where would be helpful. 

Hi Johnny,
We had the BEST party with your headphones!!! Thanks for the great service! I mailed the headphones back at FedEx on Tuesday, June 1. Just wanted to let you know! Let me know when they arrive safely.

Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for such a fun experience. Set up was a breeze and the kids loved it! Can’t wait to do this next year too!! Thanks for a great time! 
Cortney Tamimi 

Thank you so much for everything! The event was a HIT at camp. We had leaders who have been going to camps for 15 years say this was the best activity we’ve ever done. We’ll definitely be using you again!
Natalie Radcliffe
Kids Pastor

Thanks, Johhny! They had a blast with these. It was the highlight of the night! 

Hi Johnny, 
The silent disco was a HUGE success. I hope you’re ready because we will definitely be repeat clients and I gave your information to a lot of people at the after party! My only complaint…I wish I had gotten more headphones because I didn’t realize how many people would join in! 
Thanks again,

The list of headphone party testimonials just goes on and on from clients that can’t stop raving about our services!

Dear Johnny,

I just wanted to say thank you so much -our party was last night and the silent disco was a HUGE hit! The kids had a blast, as did the adults. Absolutely awesome. I packed everything back up in the box it came in and I’m dropping it off at FedEx tomorrow morning on the way to work. Thank you again for your services-I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for something special for their next party!
Take care,
Heather Mondelli

Screenshot of Testimonial from the knot

Everyone loved the dance! So much so that we want to do this every year and we want to rent from you. The equipment was dropped off with FedEx this morning. I’m going to give you the best yelp review. Thank you for your help in answering all my questions. You’re the best. 
Kim Brickley 

Johnny – dropping the equipment off to Fedex this morning.  The party was an unbelievable success, the equipment was awesome, not a single problem.   Simple to use, great sound, great range.  The headset turning colors on the different channels was great too. 
Thanks so much !
Tim White

Hi Johnny,

I sent back all three boxes back to you today via FedEx.

Just wanted you to know that the Silent Disco was a HUGE hit!

Imagine 90 women, ages 22 to 84, of all different races and backgrounds, and all in recovery from substance abuse – dancing under the stars and moon with the red, blue, and green glow. So many women came up to me this weekend (we did the dance Friday night) and said that they had never danced sober. The theme was to Let Go. And, boy did we ever!

It was an amazing experience, and I just wanted to let you know that we all thank you for being so easy to work with and helpful.

Thank you,


Hi Johnny,
Thank you so much! Everyone had a blast and loved the idea of the silent disco. It was so much more affordable than a full DJ and we got to play all the songs we wanted. Thanks again for making our wedding great! 

Headphone party Hand written thank you note
Reactions to our Full-Money-Back guarantee that protects you in case of forced Covid-related cancellations.

Hi John, 
Thank you for everything! The headphones worked perfectly and the silent party was a highlight of our wedding day!! We are very grateful for having worked with you 🙂
All the best!

Hi Johnny! 
Event went awesome, everyone loved the silent disco! The quality of the headphones were amazing. We had many of our guests say they’d love to rent the headsets in the future so I’ll keep your contact info for them. 
Jessica our Wedding Planner, CC’ed here, was sending them back on Monday morning so they should get to you shortly! 
~Jenny Israel

Hello Johnny!
Thank you so much for your headphones! I really appreciate it and your packaging directions and communication has been great!
Thanks again!
Mona-Lisa Avents

Hey Johnny,
Headphones got dropped off yesterday.  They were a huge hit, as always!  Thanks again for all your help.  I’m certain I will be reaching out to you again in the future.

Jason Stawiski

Headphone party testimonial screenshot

“Johnny went above and beyond with my headphone rental. After a last-minute cancellation due to covid-related conflicts last year, Johnny provided me a full refund and was understanding beyond belief. Therefore, when it came time to reschedule my event for this year, I knew I had to use silent-disco-rental. My outdoor silent disco in NYC was such a hit and all my friends had the best time. Johnny is super responsive and efficient with shipping and made the entire process a breeze. Thank you again Johnny for your wonderful services!” 



Hey Johnny!
Thanks for allowing us to rent from you! The students had a blast and we will recommend you to anyone that we heard of that is looking for someone to rent equipment from! Setting everything up was extremely easy. We look forward to utilizing your services again in the future.
For The Church, 

handwritten headphone party thank you note
Thank you note for Silent Disco Rental of Headphones

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