headphone details

What is the reception distance for the headphones?

Under optimum circumstances the reception distance is 300 meters. That is more than three football fields. Also, because these use FM signals, they work through obstacles like walls. It doesn’t have to be line of sight.

Can I change the batteries?

No, you can’t change the batteries. They are rechargeable lithium-Ion Batteries that are hardwired in. They come to you fully charged so you don’t have to charge them unless your party is longer than ten hours. They have proprietary charging ports so you can’t recharge them without our chargers. We do send you some chargers …

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Do the headphones work with Bluetooth?

We have transmitters that will allow you to get the audio from your phone to our transmitters via Bluetooth. But the signal from the transmitter to the headphones is an FM signal. So, the headphones are FM, not Bluetooth.

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