What is the security deposit cost for the headphone rental?

The security deposit is different depending on the size of your order. For your convenience, I have listed it below.
below 40 headsets $250
40–100 Headsets $350
101-200 Headsets $450
201-300 Headsets: $550
301-400 Headsets: $650
401-500 Headsets: $750
501-600 Headsets: $850
601 + Headsets: $1,000

In most cases, we collect and hold the security amount upfront. Yes, you have to have the money on hand, but assuming that nothing goes wrong, I will be returning it to you.

If headphones are lost during the rental, they are billed at $45 per headphone and taken from the security.

What is the headphone shipping fee?

Free! Shipping of the headphones costs you zero dollars! There is no shipping fee for you! I pay shipping for you both ways.

When you get your packages, there will be a prepaid label in the sleeve under the original. You simply switch that label out. Then drop them off at your local FedEx office or contact FedEx to have them pick it up.

When do you need final payment?

I need your final payment to clear before I send you the headphones. Your headphones arrive to you 2 days before your event and if you are on the West Coast, it takes 5 days for them to ship to you.
So exceptions can be made, but I usually recommend that full payment be made 10 days before your party.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I can do all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Square, Paper Checks, the Cash App, and if you give me a few days to set it up, I can do just about whatever other payment form you need.
Purchase orders can be accommodated with large corporations and public institutions.

Do you have a minimum order?

We do not have a minimum order size. Each quantity is priced to include all three transmitters and shipping both ways.

How much does it cost to rent Silent Disco headphones?

We don’t have a ‘per unit’ fee. For example: Rental of 100 = $521.50 and that includes all three transmitters and shipping both ways. Rental of 50 = $309.00 including all three transmitters and shipping both ways. You can order your exact quantity. In most cases, we require a security deposit which is returned to you upon safe return of our product. For more information see our pricing page.

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