Buy Your Own Silent Disco Headphones

We Sell Silent Disco Equipment Too!

Did you like what you rented? Maybe you’d like to buy instead of rent?

We have brand new headphones and transmitters for sale.

These are the same top quality that we rent. They use the same smiley face logo, but we changed the words “Silent Disco Rental” to “Silent Disco DJ”.

Silent Disco Headphones
Silent Disco Headphones

Our TX-60RF transmitter is portable with a rechargeable battery and a belt clip. You can connect to it with BlueTooth or with an Aux cable. It also includes a lapel mic all in a zippered protective case.

Silent Disco Transmitter TX 60RF
The TX-60RF Silent Disco Transmitter with microphone, rechargeable battery and belt clip comes with a protective case .

A silent disco headphone charger charges 16 headphones at a time,

Headphone Charger
Headphone Charger charges 16 headphones at a time

Since a charger charges 16 at a time, we like to sell our headphones in multiples of 16.


16 headphones, 3 transmitters and one 16x charger

$942.00 with free-shipping


32 headphones, 3 transmitters and two 16x chargers

$1,497.00 with free-shipping


48 headphones, 3 transmitters and three 16x chargers

$2,052.00 with free-shipping


64 headphones, 3 transmitters and 4 16x chargers

$2,607.00 with free-shipping

Recommended accessory: Silent Connections: Pack of three – 3.5mm to RCA cables which allow you to plug one personal audio device into each of the three transmitters. $19.95

Yes, you can buy them individually at the following prices:

$33 per headphone
$129 per TX-60RF transmitter
$27 per charger