A social distanced comedy show using disinfected silent disco headphones

During Covid-19 restrictions, disinfected silent disco headphones can play a role in allowing live comedy acts to perform within social distancing restrictions.

Remember drive-in theaters? They did social distancing long ago by keeping everyone in their cars while they watched the movie. They also put the audio right into the car as opposed to using loudspeakers.

Maybe drive-in theaters should make a comeback during Covid-19 just for those reasons!

drive in movies on the rise during coronavirus
Replace the movie with a live comedy show. Host it in the parking lot of a local restaurant.

What does that have to do with live comedy and where do I find a drive-in theater?

~Replace the drive-in theater with an empty parking lot and a portable screen.

~Replace the drive-in movie with a live comedian projected on the screen.

~Replace the drive-in sound system with disinfected silent disco headphones.

I bet there are a ton of empty parking lots in your town during the Covid-19 shut down.

You can buy large 20 foot inflatable screens for about $200.00 or rent one for about $50 and use it to project your live performer onto the big screen.

For your sound system, use fully-disinfected-Covid-19-safe silent disco headphones. You can charge admission by the headphone.
Inflatable flat screen creates a portable drive in theater while disinfected silent disco headphones provide the audio
Project your comedian’s image on the inflatable flat screen to transform your parking lot into a drive-in theater.

Why would disinfected silent disco headphones be the sound system of choice?

  1. The headphones would be silent and therefore keep the neighbors happy.
  2. They would allow you an easy way to charge admission. (charge per headphone that you hand out – as opposed to charging per car)
  3. There is a lapel microphone built right into our portable transmitter. You wouldn’t need an additional mixer.
  4. The range for the wireless headphones is about 300 meters, so you would be able to satisfy a significantly large and socially distanced audience.
  5. Our portable transmitter is a battery powered belt-pack so the performer could move around in front of the cars to interact with the audience.
We would recommend using a parking lot of a restaurant that is offering curbside orders.

They would love the increased business during Covid-19.

They would provide the electricity for the projector and for inflating the screen and they would probably even pay for the boost in sales that a comedy show would bring.

So there are two potential ways to get paid. One is having the restaurant that is supplying the parking lot pay you. The other is that you can also charge per headphone that you hand out.

The restaurant would sell the refreshments, deliver them to the cars and make money that way.

The restaraunt would supply the parking lot and the electricity.

The restaurant would pay you to be there or share some of the profits with you.

You would also charge the guests for use of the silent disco headphones.

Learn the steps to renting our disinfected silent disco headphones here.