Silent Disco Headphones rental rates, prices and cost

Pricing for Silent Disco Rental is typically determined by the number of guests, which of course, is the number of headphones that you need.

Here at, your rental rate is $7.00 per headphone for the first 100.

After 100 headphones, the price is $5.00 per headphone. For example: 101 headphones would be $705.00

We include the transmitter equipment, chargers and adaptors for no additional cost to you.

We include round trip shipping for no charge.

So the math is easy. If you have 100 guests, your price for rental is 700 dollars. Okay, so if you have 63 guests, you are still going to need a calculator, but at least you don’t have to add on additional fees.

Here are a few round numbers calculated for you, so you can get an idea of your prices for your party.

40 guests x7 and your price is $280
80 guests x7 and your cost is $560
120 guests 700 + (20×5) =$800
160 guests 700 + (60×5) =$1000
200 guests 700 + 500 = $1200

And it keeps going at the same rate, but you get the idea.

There is a security deposit to cover loss and damage. That is not a real cost because it is returned to you once the equipment comes back in good shape.

We use this chart to find your security deposit amount:

0-30 Headsets require $250 security deposit
31–100 Headsets require a $350 security deposit
101-200 Headsets require a $450 security deposit
201-300 Headsets: -$550
301-400 Headsets: -$650
401-500 Headsets: -$750
501-600 Headsets: -$850
601 + Headsets: -$1,000

Note that we only offer one type of headphone. They are premium FM frequency, battery powered (10 hours operation), three user selectable channels of music with LED’s that change color according to which channel the headphones are receiving on.

Equipment, headphones
Battery powered, three channel, light-up headphones.

We only offer one type of premium transmitter. They transmit FM quality music for a football field of distance and are already wired and set-up when you get them. So, there is zero assembly required.

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