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-$7 per Headphone for the first 100! -$5 per headphone for each unit after 100!

-Transmitters included no extra charge!

Free shipping!

Both ways, anywhere in the continental USA with a minimum rental of 36 headsets.

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I’m Johnny Only, here to make sure your Silent Disco Rental experience is a success!

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With 30 years of full-time professional DJ experience, I can advise you how to integrate Silent Disco headphones into your party for best results.

From my family-run business in Endicott NY, I use FedEx to get the equipment to you two days before your party.

I keep in touch with you every step of the way!

I take your fun as seriously as you do, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s plan a party!


Trending Youth Outreach for Churches

The best way to reach the young people is with something that is new and exciting! Silent disco packs the dance floor and gives participants a brand new way to interact with music and each other.


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