There is no assembly required! All you do is plug in your music!

Thrill your guests with our Premium three channel wireless LED headphones!

Get ready to have your best party ever!

Catch the Wave!

We rent premium Silent Disco equipment. Our 3 channel light-up headphones will make your party erupt into non-stop fun!

Free shipping, drop-off & pick-up, anywhere in the continental US
of the highest quality Silent Disco headphones on the market.

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Hi, I am DJ Johnny Only at at your service!

With 30 years of full-time professional DJ experience, I can advise you how to integrate Silent Disco headphones into your party for best results.

From my family-run business in Endwell NY, I use FedEx to get the equipment to you two days before your party.

I pay for the shipping, so that you don’t have to worry.

I personally keep in touch to confirm delivery and to get you answers about the equipment or your event.

I take your fun as seriously as you do, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s plan a party!


Silent Disco Compared to Regular PA Loudspeakers: Which is better?

We are comparing your experience as a party guest if your go with a Traditional Loudspeaker sound system format versusa 3 channel Silent Disco headphones format for your next party or reception: Loudspeaker experience in blue -versus- Silent Disco experience in red. Loudspeakers– You know it is going to be just like your last party …

But I want everyone to be together! Won’t headphones separate us?

Au Contrair! Silent Disco headphones do not separate people at a party. In fact, our headphones bring people together by solving the two problems that most often separate guests. What are the two biggest problems that guests have when they attend a party that uses loudspeakers, thus forcing everyone to listen to the same music …


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